Sarah Shaw

Historical Fiction Writer

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The stories your history books don’t tell…

1772: A financial crisis of volcanic proportions rocks the world and the resultant tidal waves ravage coasts from India to America. The first ‘too big to fail’ corporation gets an enormous bailout, while smaller companies collapse and banks fail.

In this world turned upside down young bride Emily McFarland finds herself far from home and safety, living on disputed land in Colonial Georgia while Zoeth Sinclair struggles to keep his fledgling merchant trading company afloat. 

The odds are formidable and the stakes are high – for them and even more for their close-knit band of friends. But there is no direction to go but forward, though they know that the changes coming will leave none of them unscathed.

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Historical Fiction Author

Sarah Shaw

Growing up in university towns as the daughter of an untenured professor, my family’s frequent moves left me with a hunger for travel and other cultures. I first visited Czechoslovakia in 1985 and met my literary hero, Vaclav Havel. After the Revolution I settled in Prague, where I worked as a translator and journalist, writing about Czech pub and cafe culture. Here I met and married my Czech Dissident poet husband. Prague has been the place of my heart ever since. Lately, however, I’ve begun to feel the same sort of fascination with the language and culture of Morocco. Who knows where this latest journey will take me?

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